I Have A Problem

12 Aug

So I’m sitting in the DC airport waiting for my flight back to Kentucky for a brief visit and I see one of those Facebook offers for a statement necklace that’s on like a 75% discount.

And I bought it.

Mind you, the airport is probably the WORST place to be entering your debit card info on your phone. And I did. Twice. The first time I entered my info, the system told me I had an existing account but that I needed to update my card info. Naturally, instead of taking this second step as a sign that I should cease and desist, I risked the security of my identity to enter it a second time!

Oy vey. It might be intervention time. But it’s just such a great necklace! Look! Tell me I don’t have a problem.

Find it here: http://www.thepokeadotshop.com/product/bubble-statement-necklace

Enter code SUMMERFUN for a $4 discount!


One Response to “I Have A Problem”

  1. Brooke P August 13, 2012 at 12:45 am #

    The same offer came up on my newsfeed… Cha-ching. Cannot wait for my little package to arrive.

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